At Open startup, we help you to display all important business data to your VCs, all users and the general public.

Why? Who? 👽 When? 📅

What is “open startup”?– it is an online tool which visualizes your company’s most important data and opens it to public access.

Who & why? 👨‍🔧 —

Who is behind (team)– my name is Dainis Kanopa, and last 15 years I was working on different e-commerce projects paying particular attention to web design projects and online shopping solutions, including peer-to-peer marketplaces. At open startup, I am building an online tool which will help to live update potential investors, business angels, and VCs.

Why did I decide to work on “Open startup” idea? 🤔 —

I tried to submit my different startups on Y Combinator, 500 Startups accelerators. But when you try to apply early you don’t have enough revenue, user signups, there wasn’t option to update these metrics for investors.

When will it launch? ⏲️ —

Soon. At the moment I am in the validation process. I will share my progress each week on the “open startup” blog.