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Best Sources to Find a Great Web Designer

By Dainis Kanopa. July 24, 2018

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Web designers these days are in demand because the e-commerce world 🌎 has been booming over the past years. Web designers who have a more entrepreneurial spirit have been taking the spotlight and have been going freelance instead of working for a web design company because it offers them more opportunities and more control over their time ⏲.

Now, from a business owner 👨🏻‍💼, getting a freelance web designer is much more worth the money 💰 because it’s not only cheaper, but it also gets a personal touch to it. Unlike with a company, you can work together with a freelance designer to customize your website.

If you’re looking for a great web designer, here are some of the places to look 👀:


Upwork is a smorgasbord of freelance workers of all kinds. Ranging from writers🖋️, through graphic artists🖌️, to web designers👨🏿‍💻, Upwork has it all. In such a large community, it will be pretty easy for you to find a good web designer that you can work with.

What makes Upwork amazing? Their system! This system lets people post for jobs in the system which allows web designers to see 👀 these jobs. The web designers then scramble to take the jobs by bidding. The people who post job ads will then choose the best web designer for the task📝. They can see the past ratings, reviews, and possible samples of the web designers so that they can pick the best one for them.

Also, there’s a safe payment system that people can use when they pay web designers for work. This secure payment system allows them to ensure that there won’t be any fraudulent transactions that may occur.


2.Dribbble Logo

While Upwork has the numbers, it doesn’t specialize in just web design but freelance jobs as a whole. If you’re looking for a web designer in a more specialized community (to ensure that your web designer is top quality💯), then you’ll probably like Dribbble better.

Dribbble was founded in the year 2009 to help designers of all kinds find jobs. They also wanted possible hirers to see top rated designers for their jobs. Dribbble supports all sorts of designers from graphic designers🖼️ to app designersⓂ️ to web designers🌐, and many more.

The great thing about Dribbble is that it specializes only on designers so the team knows exactly what clients are looking for and what designers should do to attract clients. Clients can choose the designers to do their jobs based on a plethora of credentials and feedback from past clients as well as a community contribution.


If you don’t like sorting through possible candidates to take your job, then you can try out Fiverr instead. With Fiverr, you don’t wait for the web designers to come to you. Alternatively, you go to them. Fiverr allows you to search for possible candidates who can do your job. You’ll be able to search🔍 for a list of web designers and screen through them by looking at their samples and credentials📜.

The great thing about Fiverr is that everything is so straightforward. You can see👀 precisely what type of jobs the web designers can take on and how long. You’ll also see the price you have to pay based on each customization you make. You can also chat with them using the platform for convenience.


If you’re planning on building🛠️ an e-commerce store, then it will be better if you get web designers that have been in the field for a rather long time. Shopify Experts can provide you with that kind of workforce👷. All you have to do is post the type of job that you want to do, and Shopify will screen the candidates for you.

Shopify Experts can offer to not only design your e-commerce site but to set up your e-commerce store entirely as well. They’ll connect it to your preferred shopping cart system, create all the images necessary for your store, and also help you with your SEO needs.

The specialists from Shopify Experts will handle the whole set up of your e-commerce store for you for a fee.


Another place where you can look for good💯 e-commerce web designers would be BigCommerce. These experts can help you set up a BigCommerce online store without the fuss. They can customize it for you, integrate third-party apps, and even help you with SEO. Plus, they can help you with setting up paid ads.


What most clients love about 99Designs is that it is very transparent. Just like Upwork, you post a job and wait for the web designers to take your responsibility. The only difference is that you pay whenever the designer finishes the work. Paying only when the task is completed allows you an assurance that the designer will give you quality work💯 and won’t run away🏃‍. This safe and customer-centric system works well for those who want to be sure of their purchase.

7. Check out Karen McGrane for some Inspiration!


My summary

If you’re looking for the best web designer for your job, then these are some of the places where you should start looking👀. These platforms have all been tested and trusted by various entrepreneurs looking for good web designers. Of course, it is still up to you to screen the best one that is most suited for the project. At the very least, these platforms can help you do that😉.